Caresumables AB

The name is constructed from two words, Care and Consumables; Caresumables.

Founded by an industrial designer and psychologist together with a chemical engineer and coach in 2012. Both have experience from development and management within the business of consumables.

After several years as entrepreneurs abroad they decided to move back to their country of origin. This was a golden opportunity to start a new business and finally develop the idea that had been at the back of their minds for several years. The creation of a new company in the health sector and to start with the design and production of an under the tongue saliva absorption consumable product. They knew from dentists that there was a demand on the market for such a product.

Patient perspective

Caresumables aims at developing Dental and Medical Consumable products with a patient perspective.

DryDent, the under the tongue saliva absorbent was the first in a series of useful consumable products. The second product was Comfortip. Both products were bought by DirectaDentalgroup in 2016 and are sold under the names DryDent Sublingual and DryDent Parotid.

In April 2017 a new product developed by Caresumables was launched. DryMasq, a consumable face protection for dental patients.

Female Inventor of the year 2016

In November 2016 Kristina Frisk, who developed DryDent, was awarded the prestigious price, Årets Uppfinnarkvinna 2016, Female inventor of the year 2016 given by Svenska Uppfinnareföreningen the Swedish inventors association and ALMI Företagspartner  a bank and company owned by the Swedish government.

In May 2016 DryDent® Sublingual received the Highly Commended Status as 2nd best innovation at the UK’s prestigious Clinical Innovations Conference on May 21st, 2016.

Incubated at Sahlgrenska Science Park

Caresumables AB was incubated at Sahlgrenska Science Park, an incubator for startup companies in the Life Science area between 2012 and 2017. Caresumables AB is now an alumni at Sahlgrenska Science Park. 


Caresumables AB
Anders Personsgatan 15
416 48 Göteborg, Sweden

Kristina Frisk, CEO
Tel: +46(0)722092080